Sijoituslannoituksen kehityksestä ja tutkimustoiminnasta Suomessa

Osmo Kara, Lassi Räisänen
1974 Agricultural and Food Science  
The placement of fertilizer in connection with sowing of cereal has become very popular in Finland within the last 10 years. Today we generally place fertilizer and drill seed at the same time with a fertilizer placement drill, which drills seed to rows and places fertilizer between every other row. We also use machines, fertilizer and seed drills, with which the sowing and the fertilizer placement are done with the same coulters in different operations. Shares of the drill coulters can also be
more » ... oulters can also be turnable so that one end is a fertilizer coulter and the other a seed coulter. The sale of fertilizer placement drills is at present about 10 times larger than the total sale of traditional seed drills in Finland. There have been many field experiments in the placement of fertilizer with spring cereals in Finland. The placement of fertilizer into a depth of 8-10 cm has increased grain yields of spring cereals on an average about 14 percent. The increase in grain yields has varied between o-4o % in different yers. The placement of fertilizer has improved most the availability of nitrogen, next of
doi:10.23986/afsci.71895 fatcat:kzne6p3vtrcmhojbroumoffvrm