A Multiscale Energetic Diagnosis of the Response of Mokpo Sea to Typhoon Bolaven

Xia Chai, Lin Wang
2019 Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection  
The ocean response to typhoon is usually characterized by a cooling on the sea surface. In August 2012, however, a warming (instead of cooling) event occurs in the Yellow Sea outside Mokpo, South Korea, as the typhoon Bolaven (2012) passes. This study gives a brief introduction to this abnormal sea surface warming. It also provides a multiscale energetic diagnosis of the oceanic response to Typhoon Bolaven. We used a recently developed analysis tool named "multiscale window transform" (MWT).
more » ... ransform" (MWT). Based on the MWT, we also expanded a localized multiscale energy and vorticity analysis (MS-EVA). The fields are reconstructed onto three scale windows: large-scale, abnormal warming-scale, and high frequency tide-scale windows. The results show that the kinetic energy (KE) in the abnormal warming-scale window of the Mokpo area is obviously enhanced during the passage of Bolaven, which can be attributed to three processes: transfer, transport process of KE and wind stress work. At the same time, the large-scale window in the Mokpo area experiences barotropic instabilities with KE transfers from large-scale window to warming-scale window. Besides, the strong wind stress bought by the passage of Bolaven not only inputs a large amount of KE into warming-scale window, but also causes the increase of KE flux convergence.
doi:10.4236/gep.2019.78019 fatcat:ynimvmwuprbtxefvvksiunoagy