Towards a Unified Quark-Hadron-Matter Equation of State for Applications in Astrophysics and Heavy-Ion Collisions

Niels-Uwe Bastian, David Blaschke, Tobias Fischer, Gerd Röpke
2018 Universe  
We outline an approach to a unified equation of state for quark-hadron matter on the basis of a $\Phi-$derivable approach to the generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck equation of state for a cluster decomposition of thermodynamic quantities like the density. To this end we summarize the cluster virial expansion for nuclear matter and demonstrate the equivalence of the Green's function approach and the $\Phi-$derivable formulation. For an example, the formation and dissociation of deuterons in nuclear
more » ... ons in nuclear matter is discussed. We formulate the cluster $\Phi-$derivable approach to quark-hadron matter which allows to take into account the specifics of chiral symmetry restoration and deconfinement in triggering the Mott-dissociation of hadrons. This approach unifies the description of a strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma with that of a medium-modified hadron resonance gas description which are contained as limiting cases. The developed formalism shall replace the common two-phase approach to the description of the deconfinement and chiral phase transition that requires a phase transition construction between separately developed equations of state for hadronic and quark matter phases. Applications to the phenomenology of heavy-ion collisions and astrophysics are outlined.
doi:10.3390/universe4060067 fatcat:gwf3rusoszabdlulhttlsupl2i