Sensitivity of High-Scale SUSY in Low Energy Hadronic FCNC

Morimitsu Tanimoto, Kei Yamamoto
2015 Symmetry  
We discuss the sensitivity of the high-scale SUSY at $10$-$1000$ TeV in $B^0$, $B_s$, $K^0$ and $D$ meson systems together with the neutron EDM and the mercury EDM. In order to estimate the contribution of the squark flavor mixing to these FCNCs,we calculate the squark mass spectrum, which is consistent with the recent Higgs discovery. The SUSY contribution in $\epsilon_K$ could be large, around 40% in the region of the SUSY scale $10$-$100$ TeV. The neutron EDM and the mercury EDM are also
more » ... ry EDM are also sensitive to the SUSY contribution induced by the gluino-squark interaction. The predicted EDMs are roughly proportional to $|\epsilon_K^{\rm SUSY}|$. If the SUSY contribution is the level of O(10%) for epsilon_K, the neutron EDM is expected to be discovered in the region of $10^{-28}$-$10^{-26}$ecm. The mercury EDM also gives a strong constraint for the gluino-squark interaction. The SUSY contribution of $\Delta M_D$ is also discussed.
doi:10.3390/sym7020689 fatcat:csymo2462jeuxmjvjf43yjntym