Research on Automatic Identification of Substation Circuit Breaker Based on Shape Priors

Ting Wang, Chen Yao, Jun Liu, Long Zhang Chao, Gang Hu Shao, Hong Gu Qun, Yue Ja Ming
2014 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
High-pressure circuit breakers are very important and it undertakes the disconnection and connection control of high voltage transmission lines. It is one of the equipment of substation daily inspection. State of breakers are judged by open and close characters label, so a shape-prior active contour model to realize state automatic recognition of breaker images collected by inspection robot is presented in this paper. Shape-prior active contour model combines the shape information with CV model
more » ... to build energy functional model, then set up initial position curve by a priori knowledge and drives the curve evolution in minimize energy functional process, the curve position is the character label contour when energy functional shows minimum. We do experiment for the algorithm on different images, demonstrate that the algorithm based on known character contour, have good segmentation results of circuit breaker in the image character recognition accuracy and applicability when the circuit breaker character is actually partial occlusion, local deformation, scale changes.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:5yw5jrdgyneqxm7c27umvtlqjm