An osteoclastic protein-tyrosine phosphatase regulates the β3-integrin, syk, and shp1 signaling through respective src-dependent phosphorylation in osteoclasts

K.-H. William Lau, Virginia Stiffel, Mehran Amoui
2012 American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology  
Lau KH, Stiffel V, Amoui M. An osteoclastic protein-tyrosine phosphatase regulates the ␤3-integrin, syk, and shp1 signaling through respective src-dependent phosphorylation in osteoclasts. This study utilized the glutathione transferase (GST) pull-down assay to identify novel substrates of an osteoclastic protein-tyrosine phosphatase, PTP-oc. Consistent with the previous findings that the phosphorylated tyr-527 (pY527) of Src is a substrate of PTP-oc, the major protein pulled down with the
more » ... hatase-deficient (PD)-PTP-oc-GST trapping mutant in RAW264.7 cells was Src. The GST-PD-PTP-oc also pulled down pY-Syk and pY-␤3-integrin, but not after PP2 pretreatment. However, PTP-oc transgenic osteoclasts or PTP-oc-overexpressing RAW264.7 cells had elevated, and not reduced, levels of pY525/526-Syk and pY759-␤3 integrin, and the PTP-oc siRNA treatment drastically reduced levels of pY525/526 Syk and pY759-␤3-integrin in RAW264.7 cells. These findings are incompatible with the premise that they are substrates of PTP-oc. The PTP-oc-dependent increases in pY525/526-Syk and pY759-␤3-integrin levels were completely blocked by PP2, indicating that these effects are secondary to PTP-oc-mediated activation of the Src protein-tyrosine kinase (PTK). Overexpression of PTP-oc increased, and siRNA-mediated suppression of PTP-oc reduced, pY160-Vav1, pY173-Vav3, and pY783-PLC␥ levels, and Rac1 activation, which are downstream mediators of the ITAM/Syk signaling. Overexpression of PTP-oc also increased, and PTP-oc siRNA treatment decreased, the pY-Shp1 levels, which were blocked by PP2. Since Shp1 is a negative regulator of osteoclast activity and is a key mediator of the ITIM signaling, these findings suggest that PTP-oc is an upstream suppressor of the ITIM/Shp1 signaling through PTP-ocinduced Src-dependent Shp1 phosphorylation. In summary, PTP-oc plays a central regulatory role in the concerted regulation of the ␤3-integrin, the ITAM/Syk, and the ITIM/Shp1 signaling indirectly through activation of Src PTK.
doi:10.1152/ajpcell.00042.2012 pmid:22460711 fatcat:wqagxm7ptjebdiwiptvyy6s6t4