Affirming Flames: Debriefing Survivors of the World Trade Center Attack

Joshua Miller
2002 Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention  
terrorist attack on the United States led to the fatal hijacking of four commercial airliners and the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC). This article describes the immediate responses of survivors of the WTC, based on group debriefings and individual crisis intervention sessions held 2 to 3 weeks after the initial event. There is a brief discussion about critical incident stress debriefings followed by a consideration of who needed help and how mental health disaster organizations
more » ... rganizations attempted to organize responses. The "security zone" nearby the site of the WTC is described and the experiences and reactions of survivors are shared. There is a recommendation for national accrediting of training and licensing of mental health disaster responders. [Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention 2:85-94 (2002)]
doi:10.1093/brief-treatment/2.1.85 fatcat:7fajamjc4zgdvanvxivrdun25e