Co-doping of Ni, Cu on CoMo/TiO2 catalyst and their effect on the hydrocracking reaction for the synthesis of BHD (bio-hydrofined-diesel) from animal fat and vegetable oil

Quyen Huynh, Viet Tan Tran, Nhung Dinh Tran, Cai Van Huynh
2015 Science and Technology Development Journal  
BHD (Bio hydrofined diesel) was synthesized from animal fat and vegetable oil by hydrodeoxygenation with CoMo/TiO2 catalyst. To improve the quality and the quantity of BHD, the synthesis co-doping of Ni, Cu on CoMo/TiO2 catalyst and catalytic performance were investiagated. The catalytic performance of various Ni, Cu- CoMo/TiO2 catalysts were studied for the hydrodeoxygention reaction at a range of temperature 300-350 oC. Compared with the hydrodeoxygention reaction with CoMo/TiO2 catalyst, the
more » ... /TiO2 catalyst, the cetane number of BHD and the conversion reaction were higher when the co-doping catalyst was used. In addition, the quantity of BHD was increased 3-5 % vol when the hydrodeoxygenation reaction was done with co-doping Cu-CoMo/TiO2 catalyst.
doi:10.32508/stdj.v18i4.915 fatcat:nvdy2dw5uragtiw45nkfy5gsby