Significance of stigma receptivity in intergeneric cross-pollination of Salix × Populus

Elżbieta Zenkteler, Maria Katarzyna Wojciechowicz, Łukasz Zarychta
2016 Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae  
The pollen–stigma interaction plays an important role in reproductive process and has been continuously studied in many interspecific and intergeneric crossing experiments. The aim of this study was to investigate stigma receptivity (SR) of willow in order to determine the most suitable period for its pollination with poplar pollen and improve the effectiveness of Salix × Populus crosses. Tissue samples were examined histologically using light, epifluorescent, scanning, and transmission
more » ... ransmission electron microscopy. Willow SR was determined by stigma morphological traits, test of pollen germination rate, Peroxtesmo test of peroxidase and esterase activity on stigma surface as well as papilla ultrastructure at anthesis. We have ascertained that the SR duration in willow is short, lasting from 1 to 2 DA. The poplar pollen germination rate on willow stigmas on 1 DA ranged from 26.3 to 11.2%.
doi:10.5586/asbp.3498 fatcat:upojcpvw3fct5hikgkscnn5rim