WebShell Attack Detection Based on a Deep Super Learner

Zhuang Ai, Nurbol Luktarhan, AiJun Zhou, Dan Lv
2020 Symmetry  
WebShell is a common network backdoor attack that is characterized by high concealment and great harm. However, conventional WebShell detection methods can no longer cope with complex and flexible variations of WebShell attacks. Therefore, this paper proposes a deep super learner for attack detection. First, the collected data are deduplicated to prevent the influence of duplicate data on the result. Second, to detect the results of the algorithm, static and dynamic feature are taken as the
more » ... re taken as the feature of the algorithm to construct a comprehensive feature set. We then use the Word2Vec algorithm to vectorize the features. During this period, to prevent the outbreak of the number of features, we use a genetic algorithm to extract the validity of the feature dimension. Finally, we use a deep super learner to detect WebShell. The experimental results show that this algorithm can effectively detect WebShell, and its accuracy and recall are greatly improved.
doi:10.3390/sym12091406 fatcat:kfrwmxvhonci7g7lzm2yg6pfja