Stable doped hybrid sol-gel materials for solid-state dye laser

Tran H. Nhung, Michael Canva, Truong T. A. Dao, Frédéric Chaput, Alain Brun, Nguyen D. Hung, Jean-Pierre Boilot
2003 Applied Optics  
Laser effects have been obtained with dye-doped hybrid xerogel samples prepared several years ago and stored in different "classical" conditions. Firstly, using the same configuration of the laser cavity as was used 4 -5 years ago, we have obtained almost identical laser performances, and slope conversion efficiencies were measured up to 80% and operational lifetimes, with 1-mJ initial output energy and 10-Hz repetition rate of several hundred thousand pulses obtained. Secondly, we have
more » ... ed the new pyrromethene 605 dye into a hybrid xerogel matrix and obtained good laser performances similar to the rest of the pyrromethene family.
doi:10.1364/ao.42.002213 pmid:12716164 fatcat:77naccyfl5d3xjciwyo7x2raje