Design of UAV for urea spraying in agricultural field

R Ilakiya, M Prabavathy, K Sagadevan
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Agriculture is the backbone of our Indian economy. Every day many new technologies are being launched in agriculture which may be expensive and require high power consumption. Every challenges in agriculture are faced by the farmers. In previous method the use of arduino as a flight controller board does not provide a specialized rotation and it is not efficient in rotation of a motor and to enhance the feature of motor rotation we are proposing a method of using ARM cortex m3 microcontroller
more » ... a flight controller board. This paper proposed a new strategy of quad-rotor model which is used for spraying the urea in the agricultural field. It reduces the work of the farmers and also increase the productivity of the field in short period of time. The UAV is 1.8m in diameter which can weigh maximum of upto 2Kgs. It also consists of a sprayer with the nozzle which can spray the urea according to the commands of the transmitter. This paper provides the improvement in weight lifting capacity of the UAV which can spray equally in sector-wise. The UAV operates based on the relay driver and the commands given by the transmitter