Estimation of Individual Tree Biomass in Natural Secondary Forests Based on ALS Data and WorldView-3 Imagery

Yinghui Zhao, Ye Ma, Lindi Quackenbush, Zhen Zhen
2022 Remote Sensing  
Individual-tree aboveground biomass (AGB) estimation can highlight the spatial distribution of AGB and is vital for precision forestry. Accurately estimating individual tree AGB is a requisite for accurate forest carbon stock assessment of natural secondary forests (NSFs). In this study, we investigated the performance of three machine learning and three ensemble learning algorithms in tree species classification based on airborne laser scanning (ALS) and WorldView-3 imagery, inversed the
more » ... er at breast height (DBH) using an optimal tree height curve model, and mapped individual tree AGB for a site in northeast China using additive biomass equations, tree species, and inversed DBH. The results showed that the combination of ALS and WorldView-3 performed better than either single data source in tree species classification, and ensemble learning algorithms outperformed machine learning algorithms (except CNN). Seven tree species had satisfactory accuracy of individual tree AGB estimation, with R2 values ranging from 0.68 to 0.85 and RMSE ranging from 7.47 kg to 36.83kg. The average individual tree AGB was 125.32 kg and the forest AGB was 113.58 Mg/ha in the Maoershan study site in Heilongjiang Province, China. This study provides a way to classify tree species and estimate individual tree AGB of NSFs based on ALS data and WorldView-3 imagery.
doi:10.3390/rs14020271 fatcat:mzjv54eg7ndllnolhcp5otaj3q