Effect of simplified tillage and mineral fertilization on weed infestation of potato growing on loess soil

Karol Bujak, Mariusz Frant
2012 Acta Agrobotanica  
In the paper effect of limitation of postharvest measure to single cultivating or disking of soil and mineral fertilization level on number, air-dry matter and botanical composition of weeds in the potato-field is presented. Simplifield postharvest measure was increasing insignificantly and more intensive fertilization was limiting the weed infestation of potato-field. Decteasing of weeds number increasing fertilization was ststistically significant. Dominating species of weeds in the
more » ... ds in the potato-field were <i>Capsella bursa</i>-<i>pastoris</i>, <i>Poa annua</i>, <i>Viola arvensis</i>, <i>Chenopodium album</i>, <i>Elymus repens</i> i <i>Equisetum arvense</i>.
doi:10.5586/aa.2006.088 fatcat:qzqowrtw6rcfni6kdthb7qxq4m