Editorial: A Letter from the Editor

Joseph R. Lakowicz
1996 Journal of Biomedical Optics  
We are proud to present the second issue of the Journal of Biomedical Optics. This issue has ten papers-two review articles and eight research papers, covering the fields of optical tomography, blood flow studies by laser speckle analysis, tissue optics, and cellular phototoxicity. The premier issue of the JBO was published in January 1996. It was presented and widely distributed at the Biomedical Optics conference in San Jose, and was well received there. By now you will have had a chance to
more » ... e had a chance to look at the design and content of the first issue. I hope you will agree with me that it contains excellent review and research articles which represent the cutting edge of the biomedical applications of modern optic and electro-optic technology. The scope of the JBO includes medical and biological imaging instrumentation and techniques, noninvasive physiological monitoring; laser-tissue interactions and dosimetry; laser diagnostic and laser therapeutic methods, instruments, and systems; ophthalmic instruments, systems, implants, and clinical applications; optical biosensors; ultrasensitive detection and optical clinical chemistry; optical tomography and photon migration; endoscopic systems and applications; biospectroscopy and optoelectronic instrumentation; fiber optic sensors, instrumentation, and techniques; optical and structural microscopy; and applications of optical systems and technologies to biology and medicine. Our intention is for the JBO to grow into the world's premier journal in describing the applications of advanced optical technology to biomedical research, engineering, and health care. This goal requires nurturing of the journal by the editors, authors, reviewers, and corporate sponsors in the first year of publication. I invite ideas from each of you for articles or special sections and submissions from your laboratories. It is important that the JBO has the support of corporate sponsors in order to keep the subscription rates low and to make it accessible to the biomedical and scientific community. The Journal of Biomedical Optics will be seen by a targeted audience, many of whom are also potential customers, and therefore could be considered as a site for product advertisements from corporate sponsors. I look forward to receiving help and support from all of you to sustain the growth of the journal in its formative years.
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