Turbidimetry as an alternative method to determine the rating curve of suspended sediments

Kayla Poletto, Silvio C. Sampaio, Manoel M. F. de Queiroz, Benedito M. Gomes, Rosimaldo Soncela
2011 Engenharia Agrícola  
Understanding hydrosedimental behavior of a watershed is essential for properly managing and using its hydric resources. The objective of this study was to verify the feasibility of the alternative procedure for the indirect determination of the sediment key curve using a turbidimeter. The research was carried out on the São Francisco Falso River, which is situated in the west of the state of Paraná on the left bank of ITAIPU reservoir. The direct method was applied using a DH-48 sediment
more » ... H-48 sediment suspended sampler. The indirect method consisted of the use of a linigraph and a turbidimeter. Based on the results obtained, it was concluded that the indirect method using a turbidimeter showed to be fully feasible, since it gave a power function-type mathematical model equal of the direct method. Furthermore, the average suspended sediment discharge into the São Francisco Falso River during the 2006/2007 harvest was calculated at 7.26 metric t day-1.
doi:10.1590/s0100-69162011000300019 fatcat:k5xb7cfaxzddlegmrzvfbz55zm