Autoficção e intermidialidade na cena contemporânea

Andréa Stelzer
2016 Urdimento  
In the Brazilian and Latin American contemporary scene, we see an increasing interest in the biographical speeches as an inherent part of the dramaturgical creation. The narratives starts from the personal lives of the actors and are fictionalized on the stage seeking a relation with intermediality as a way to find singularity. This paper makes an analysis of two autoficcional spectacles: Conversas com meu pai of the brasilian Janaína Leite and Melancolia y manifestaciones of the argentine Lola
more » ... the argentine Lola Arias to reflect on the different ways of working with memory and subjectivity in the scene.
doi:10.5965/1414573101262016276 fatcat:5wppaoq6pbbjfjag3lsxneg2ki