Influence of the blood meal source on the biology of Meccus picturatus Usinger 1939 (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) under laboratory conditions

José Alejandro Martínez-Ibarra, Mónica Novelo López, María del Rosario Hernández Robles, Yunuen Grant Guillén
2003 Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz  
Aspects related to hatching, time-lapse between presenting the blood meal and beginning of feeding, feeding time, postfeed defecation delay, life time, mortality and fecundity for each stage of Meccus picturatus, life-cycle were evaluated and compared in two cohorts of M. picturatus fed on hens or rabbits. The hatching rate observed for each of the two studied groups of eggs was 78.1% (n = 2298) on the group fed on hens and 82.1% (n = 2704) on that fed on rabbits, and the average time of
more » ... rage time of hatching was 20 days. Mean time-lapse for beginning feeding was under 3 min in nymphal stages and postfeed defecation delay was under 10 min in all stages, in both cohorts. Mean feeding time was significantly (P < 0.05) shorter in triatomines fed on hens than on rabbits. A similar number of nymphs of each cohort, 69 fed on hens (34.5%) and 68 fed on rabbits (34%), completed the cycle. No significantly (P > 0.05) differences were recorded among the average times from NI to adult in the cohort fed on hens (196.8 ± 15.8 days) and the average time in the cohort fed on rabbits (189.5 ± 22.9). The average span in days for each stage fed on hens was not significantly different to the average span for each stage fed on rabbits. The number of blood meals at each nymphal stage varied from 1 to 6 in both cohorts. The mortality rates were higher on fifth nymphal stage, in both cohorts. No significant (P > 0.05) differences were recorded on mortality rates on most nymphal stages of both cohorts. The average number of eggs laid per female from the cohort fed on hens in a 9-month period was 791.1, whereas the average number of eggs in the cohort fed on rabbits was 928.3.
doi:10.1590/s0074-02762003000200011 fatcat:iep36q2qqbb7dbx2v2c73r3bya