The Evolution of The Language from the Philosophers' Viewpoint

Ahmadova Khanim Salim
2016 International Journal of English Linguistics  
<p>The article investigates linguistic sources about the language which have been investigated by the linguists for many years. The author has been studying linguistic sources comprehensively since the time of V. fon Humboldt, F. de Saussure etc. The main purpose of the author is to search the essence of the language and try to find the answer of the question how the language was evoluated. The questions "how life began? how the universe began? and how the language evoluated?" are highlighted
more » ... the given article. The author gives explanation to two theories about the essence of the language. The first one is the theory about the essence of the language which is supported by N. Chomsky and his followers. The content of their theory is that the language is innate. N. Chomsky always emphasized that the language is at least as much a system structuring and thinking about the world as it is a vehicle for communication. Though some linguists don't agree with this idea. The second theory which is supported by a biologist Derek Bickerton and others is that the language is not innate. The author gives her comments on both of the theories. Sometimes one theory wins, sometimes the other one. But no concrete result has been found yet, either by linguists or by bilologist, etc. <strong></strong></p>
doi:10.5539/ijel.v6n5p201 fatcat:73s56lfjubd2bk3h4jczd7omfi