Modelagem de processo de extração de conhecimento em banco de dados para sistemas de suporte à decisão [thesis]

Sonia Kaoru Shiba
This work presents a model of knowledge discovery in databases, where the information for data analysis comes from a repository of transactional information systems and data-warehouse. The data mining focused on the generation of descriptive models by means of classification techniques based on the Bayes' theorem and a extraction method of classification rules, defining a methodology to propose new learning models. The process of knowledge extraction was implemented for the generation of
more » ... g models for support the make decision, applying data mining for descriptive models and generation of classification rules. This work explored the possibility of transforming the learning models in knowledge database using a relational database, to be accessible by a specialist system, to classify new records or to allow the visualization of the results through electronic tables. The organization of the procedures in the pre-processing allowed to extract additional attributes or to transform information in an interactive process, with no need of new programs to extract the information. This way, all the essential activities of the pre-processing were defined and the sequence in which these should be developed. Additionally, this allowed the repetition of the procedures with no loss of units for the process of information extraction. A model of process for the interactive and quantifiable extraction of knowledge, in terms of the stages and procedures, was idealized in order to develop a product with the project of the knowledge databases for actions of retention of clients and rules for specific actions within clients' segments.
doi:10.11606/d.3.2008.tde-02102008-173336 fatcat:bktt47zkyrf3bpiz2zzkt622km