A Dwelling at Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y

1896 Scientific American  
A DOUBLE DWELLING HOUSE. and moss-grown; the second and third stories are beamed, from special design. The fireplace is built of Tiffany The accompanying illustrations, on page 102, present forming panels, which are filled in with stucco work. brick, with hearth and facings of same, and is provided views of the exterior, interior, and floor plans of a double The chImneys are picturesque, and the side chimney is of with a colonial mantel. There are bookcases built in on dwelling house, which has
more » ... been erected for Mr. George field stone up to the height of second 8tory, where it is a either eide, and paneled seats at end of nook. A grille T. Edwards and Mr. Charles E. Miller, at Deering, Me. combination of stone and brick. The piazza is very screen separates the staircase from living room proper, The elevations show a dwelling executed in the mod-extensive, running out into a loggia at one end. The and two steps lead to nook, which is provided with lat ern style, with colonial detail. The plans show the roof is shingled. The interior is handsomely and taste-ticed windows, opening on to the flower boxes, and a pan porches placed at either end of building, providing side fully finished in hardwoods. The rooms are conveniently eled divan. The windows opening on to piazza run to entrances, thereby adding u new feature, and departing arranged for a country house. The main hall answers floor. Dining-room 18 provided with a cluster of windows from the usual scheme of having the entrances at front as a living room, is thirty feet square, and is provided at side and end. The fireplace is built of Tiffany brick, with adjoining piazzas. The underpinning is built of with a beamed ceiling laid out in panels. It contains' with hearth and facings of same. The china cabinets in brick laid up in white mortar. The exterior framework many good features, including pleasant nook, panel seat, either corner have leaded glass doors. The butler's pan is sheathed, clapboarded, and painted light cream, with a large open fireplace, and a grand staircase, which runs try is furnished with dressers and the usual ;fixtures. light olive green trimmings. The blinds are painted bot-from the centre of hall, and has an arched platform with Kitchen and laundry are wainscoted and provided with tIe green, and the roof is shingled and painted a reddish excellent effect. The gun-room, at the left of entrance, the best modern conveniences, respectively. Second floor brown. Dimensions: Front, 51 ft.; side, 45 ft., not includis provided with'gun racks, closets, and all the necessary contains a loggia, four bedrooms, closets; and bathroom. ing porches. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7 ft.; first story, I fixtures suitable for a sportsman's room ; adjoining is the The bedrooms are treated in an attractive manner, and 9 ft. 6 in.; second, 9 ft.; third, 8 ft. 6 in. The reception den, which is fitted up with fireplace complete. The the two front rooms have open fireplaces. The bathroom
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