Finite Element Modeling of Multiscale Diffusion in Intercalated Nanocomposites

Antonio Greco, Alfonso Maffezzoli
2015 Journal of Nanomaterials  
This work is aimed to study the diffusion in 3D nanocomposites obtained with stacks of lamellar nanofillers characterized by the presence of permeable galleries, by finite element (FE) analysis. To this purpose, a geometric model, based on a random distribution of noninterpenetrating stacks, with each one being made of regularly spaced lamellae, was developed. The developed model is able to account for diffusion between stacks (interstack diffusion) as well as diffusion inside stacks
more » ... diffusion). Simulation results showed that intrastack diffusion, related to flow inside galleries, can be quite relevant, particularly at high values of gallery thickness. Comparison of the simulation results with literature models shows that when intrastack diffusion is not taken into account, the diffusion behavior in intercalated nanocomposites is not well predicted. Therefore, intrastack permeability of nanofillers such as organic modified clays cannot be neglected. Such intrastack diffusivity is shown to depend on the morphological features of the nanofiller requiring the development of a proper mathematical model.
doi:10.1155/2015/482698 fatcat:wy2ydzshqreffjtulwid7glvxm