Phenylobacterium Korensee Best Indigenous Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria Isolated from Contaminated Soil of Bahror, Alwar Region, India

Mohan Lal Kuri, Vidhya Kumari, Shikha Roy
2019 International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review  
Contamination of soil, water and air due to hydrocarbons are a global issue and bioremediation provides probably the best way to remediate the contaminants. The current study shows the biodegradation of crude oil, diesel and used engine oil by a newly isolated Phenylobacterium korensee from contaminated soil of Bahror, Alwar, Rajasthan. Hydrocarbon degrading strain was screened on BHA (Bushnell Haas Agar) media supplemented with 2T engine oil as sole carbon source. The strain was found to be
more » ... was found to be degrading at 1%, 4% and 10% of used 2T engine oil respectively after 14 days. Degradation was confirmed both gravimetrically and by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy analysis. The degradation was found very well at long term basis. The optimization of growth also studied at temperature and pH basis also. The significance of the study is that the percentage degradation of the complex petroleum supplements used in the study was found to be far higher than some of the previously reported values and this bacterial strain was firstly found from this contaminated site.
doi:10.15520/ijcrr.v10i08.729 fatcat:cvberwtg7rfnzidbdg6czki6bi