Progress of BotanyProgressus rei Botanicae. Herausgegeben von der Association Internationale des Botanistes. J. P. LotsyDie Ontogenie der Zelle seit 1875. Eduard StrasburgerThe Present Position of Paleozoic Botany. D. H. ScottBibliography of Literature on Palaeozoic Fossil Plants, Including Some of the More Important Memoirs Published between 1870-1905. E. A. Newell ArberLes progrs de la géographie botanique depuis 1884, son état actuel ses problèmes. Ch. Flahault

1907 Botanical Gazette  
In connection with the Vienna Congress, a series of papers describing recent progress in the various fields of botanical activity is being published under the editorship of Dr. J. P. LOTSY. The general title of the series is Progressus rei botanicae, and the first part, comprising four papers, has just appeared.' ONTOGENY OF THE CELL.-Under this title STRASBURGER2 gives an interesting and valuable history of the progress of cell studies since 1875. The various problems which in their turn have
more » ... in their turn have been most prominent in cytological investigation are treated with a breadth and grasp which would he impossible except for one who has contributed to the subject during its entire development. Particularly interesting is the treatment of problems like the centrosome, the origin of the spindle, double fertilization, etc., which have passed through the stage of dispute and polemic to comparative agreement. The treatment of the centrosome, which just now is perhaps the most investigated feature of the cell, is suggestive, the earlier problems, which are practically settled, being clearly marked off from the seemingly more difficult problems which are now occupying the attention of investigators. Text cuts are numerous and the bibliography is quite complete-CHARLES J. CHAMBERLAIN. I Progressus rei botanicae. Herausgegeben von der Association Internationale des Botanistes. Redigiert von Dr. J. P. LOTSY. Erster Band. Erstes Heft. pp. 3I7. Jena: Gustav Fischer. I907. M. i8. 2 STRASBURGER, EDUARD, Die Ontogenie der Zelle seit i875. Op. cit. I: I-I38. 3 SCOTT, D. H., The present position of paleozoic botany. Op. cit. I I39-2I7. I38
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