Typomorphic characteristic features of accessory ilmenite in granitoids of the polyphase Aleisk-Zmeinogorsk complex (N-W Rudny Altai area)

K.L. Novoselov, K.A. Gavrilova, A. Pestryakov, E. Korotkova, A. Vorobev
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The paper material is devoted to the research of crystallomorphology, accessory ilmenite expansion, characteristic features of its chemical composition, paragenetic association and conditions for mineral formation in Devonian granitoids of the polyphase Aleisk-Zmeinogorsk complex. Two ilmenite generations formed at various crystallization stages of the magmatic melt have been identified by the morphological features of the ilmenite crystals, chemical composition and paragenesis. Early-magmatic
more » ... is. Early-magmatic Ilmenite1 singled out at the protocrystallization stage during reduction and weakly-oxidizing environment conditions. It is characterized by the crystalline-faced shapes, low content of the pyrophanite minal and V admixture. Ilmenite 2 singled out at the major crystallization stage of the melt in the conditions of higher oxygen fugacity as the forms of the flattened, xenomorphic grains with the enhanced pyrophanite concentration and Nb admixture.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20168501032 fatcat:pwemtrwfbrcu3aths54pikkdpa