Tuning of discrete complex proportional integral current controller for grid-connected converters based on critical damping

Zhihong Zhao, Yimin Li, Xuan Cao, Jia Yao, Baojian Ji, Jianfeng Zhao
2020 IEEE Access  
Current control is of utmost importance for grid-connected converters to achieve a high level of performance. The complex proportional integral controller is usually employed for its excellent performance in terms of cross-coupling decoupling and stability. The pole/zero cancellation characteristic of the complex proportional integral controller, which is always valid in the continues-time domain, fails in the discrete-time domain, resulting in an oscillatory or even unstable response. The
more » ... response. The discrete complex proportional integral controller has thus been addressed in this work, which cancels the complex plant pole with a matching zero provided by the controller in the discrete-time domain. It has been proved that pole/zero cancellation of the discrete complex proportional integral controller is always valid, regardless of the variation of the excitation frequency. An important feature of performance independence from the pulse ratio is thus achieved. Also, to achieve the possible highest performance, a tuning method based on critical damping is developed in the discrete-time domain, which addresses the one-sample delay directly in the tuning process. In this manner, the minimum settling time and negligible overshoot for transient response can be achieved, along with the most enhanced stability and avoidance of closed-loop anomalous peaks. Experimental results have verified the effectiveness of the developed method. INDEX TERMS Current control, grid connected converters, complex proportional integral, discretization.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2978928 fatcat:jsxp5dtn2nf4hnsjy63wc33x6a