Ki-67 & E-Cadherin Cocktail: an Immunohistochemical Stain for Accurate Estimation of the Proliferative Index in Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma of Breast

2011 Medical Connections  
A cocktail of the antibodies against Ki-67 & E-Cadherin is presented. Ki-67 visualizes the nuclei of the proliferating cells, while E-Cadherin visualizes the membrane of all the malignant epithelial cells. This cocktail facilitates the accurate estimation of the proliferative index in infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast, by allowing us to calculate the percentage of the Ki-67 positive malignant cells out of all and only the malignant cells.
doi:10.33311/medcon.2011.20.4.2 fatcat:sjgv4fwrxvgsfen64lquiecml4