Breakthrough and innovative clean and efficient coal conversion technology from a chemical engineering perspective

Ke-Chang Xie
2021 Chemical Engineering Science: X  
To adapt to the needs of a developing global society and provide water and ecological environmental protection, it is necessary to enhance technological innovations for clean coal conversion to achieve the basic requirements of "clean and low carbon, safe and efficient". This paper puts forward a new idea of the chemical conversion of coal in terms of the material conversion efficiency and energy utilization efficiency of common key technologies, forward leading technologies, modern engineering
more » ... modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technologies. In addition, it is pointed out that there are many chemistry and chemical engineering problems restricting the innovation and breakthrough of new clean coal technologies. In view of this problem, we carry out an in-depth study of the main processes used in the coal chemical industry, and find that understanding the structure-activity relationship, designing ideal catalysts, strengthening the main reaction processes, and promoting the integration of processes used in other chemical fields into the coal chemical industry are helpful for realizing the steady development of the modern coal chemical industry. Such approaches can lead to improved economic benefits, and provide means for realizing the clean and efficient transformation of coal.
doi:10.1016/j.cesx.2021.100092 fatcat:dzuyhxc7pjg3lj7ozna2wi4qoy