Anti-Ramsey numbers for disjoint copies of graphs

Izolda Gorgol, Agnieszka Görlich
2017 Opuscula Mathematica  
A subgraph of an edge-colored graph is called rainbow if all of its edges have different colors. For a graph G and a positive integer n, the anti-Ramsey number ar(n, G) is the maximum number of colors in an edge-coloring of Kn with no rainbow copy of H. Anti-Ramsey numbers were introduced by Erdős, Simonovits and Sós and studied in numerous papers. Let G be a graph with anti-Ramsey number ar(n, G). In this paper we show the lower bound for ar (n, pG), where pG denotes p vertex-disjoint copies
more » ... x-disjoint copies of G. Moreover, we prove that in some special cases this bound is sharp.
doi:10.7494/opmath.2017.37.4.567 fatcat:hsowur2bjjamrczouub7gbvvqy