Age, Growth and Ovarian Histology of Sardinella aurita (Valenciennes, 1847) in the South of Atlantic Moroccan Coast

Ayoub Baali, Oum Keltoum Belhsen, Khalil Chahdi Ouazzani, Khadija Amenzoui, Ahmed Yahyaoui
2021 Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  
Otoliths reading and length frequency distribution were used for age determination and growth estimation of Sardinella aurita (round sardinella) stock of Southern Atlantic coast of Morocco. Both otoliths' method for age determination and Bhattacharya's method for length frequency analysis showed five age groups. The growth performance index revealed that there is significant accordance among method of length frequency distribution and otoliths reading for stock assessment studies of Sardinella
more » ... urita stock in the south of Morocco. The microscopic observation of female gonads using histology method was investigated for the first time in our study area and confirms the presence of five principal stages of ovary of sardinella aurita: immature, maturing virgin and recovering spent, mature (or pre-spawning phase), spawning, post-spawning or spent. In addition, our results of the fecundity showed that the mean relative fecundity obtained is estimated at 193 ± 98 oocytes/g which is lower compared to those obtained in other areas in the Atlantic coast.
doi:10.4194/1303-2712-v21_4_04 fatcat:zumz4yusfrak7ml3tcxdt6if7m