Medical Nanobiotechnology and Its Prospective

Reza Nekouian
2012 Thrita Journal of Medical Sciences  
Medical nanobiotechnology, the application of combined nanotechnology and biotechnology in medicine has revolutionized our understanding of diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. The field of nanobiotechnology has experienced unexpected advances throughout the last decade and as the result has attracted much attention from scientific communities and even public (1). We are at the edge of a new horizon in molecular medicine: convergence of these two disciplines has increased our ability to
more » ... ased our ability to apply novel treatment tools and methods in cancer biology which were 20 years ago might have been difficult to imagine (Figure 1) . Nanobiotechnology which invloves usage of defined nanoparticles i.e. metals, polymers, lipids and carbon with a potential to be conjugated with molecular markers to achieve unprecedented protocols like molecular targeting, molecular imaging, and directed diagnostic tools can contribute to optimize cancer treatment (1, 2). The major obstacle in cancer drug delivery is known to be selective drug delivery which might be overcome by
doi:10.5812/thrita.6345 fatcat:uc6bkxitp5hulfgvny333xjxhy