Оптичні властивості матеріалів для сонячної енергетики на основі тонких плівок халькогенідів кадмію

R. Y. Petrus, H. A. Il'chuk, A. I. Kashuba, I. V. Semkiv, E. O. Zmiiovska, R. M. Lys
2020 Фізика і хімія твердого тіла  
The optical constants and thickness of cadmium chalcogenides (CdX, X= S, Se and Te) thin films prepared by quasi close-space sublimation (CdSe) and high-frequency magnetron sputtering method (CdTe and CdS) are determined. The optical constants and the band gap of the films under study have been determined. Optical properties (refractive index n(λ), extinction coefficient k(λ) and dielectric functions ε(λ)) of thin films and thickness d can be determined from the transmission spectrum. The
more » ... spectrum. The dispersion of the refractive index was explained using a single oscillator model. Single oscillator energy and dispersion energy are obtained from fitting. The material optical parameter such as normalized integrated transmission, zero and high-frequency dielectric constant, density of state effective mass ratio was also calculated.
doi:10.15330/pcss.20.4.367-371 fatcat:53atn3drirfntmhpec7zaip7ge