The Development Design Model for Bogor Station TOD Area

M B Susetyarto
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Nowadays, urban transportation spaces with high levels of traffic density are not safe and comfortable to use. The impact of the disruption on human mobility, goods and services, and the impact of environmental degradation, as well as the declining quality of human life have been experienced by residents of metropolitan cities, including people of the Jabodetabek area. Therefore, the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is relevant to be applied to the development of these urban areas.
more » ... these urban areas. The problem then arises is that the application of the TOD concept will have an impact on changes in land use and zoning, and on changes in social, economic and cultural behavior of the community. The urban spatial plan in Jabodetabek may not ready to accommodate the concept of developing the TOD area. This research needs to be done to answer the following questions: 1) how changes in land use and zoning occur in TOD-based development areas; 2) what is the pattern of people's behavior, the pattern of movement of goods and services from an origin to a destination, in a large number of mobility in limited space and time? The research method is designed as follows: 1) observing the application of current land use and zoning regulations, 2) observing the pattern of movement of people, goods and services from the trip generation point to the destination point, or vice versa, including observing the condition of urban facilities and infrastructure that supports the pattern movement, 3) analyzing land use and zoning regulations, as well as deviations in implementation of land use and zoning, 4) analyzing patterns of movement of people, goods and services, utilization patterns of urban facilities and infrastructure, 5) designing an architectural model for the Bogor Station, which is TOD-based. Based on the modeling it is then simulated and evaluated by experts, then analyzed and synthesized, and produces the next variant design modeling. And so on, these iterative process are carried out over and over again until they reach a model which is considered to meet the design criteria of Bogor TOD Station area, in harmony with the vision of Bogor sustainable development, and is feasible to be realized. The final design model is the findings of this research. The copyright will be taken care of, and further it will be donated to the Bogor City Government as a design model for the development of Bogor Station TOD area.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/409/1/012037 fatcat:hovw7bmsargbzm5pgz6ocqzzhu