Mechanical, elastic and anharmonic properties of Zn 1-x Cr x Te(0≤x≤1) diluted magnetic semiconductor

Satyam Shinde, Ankur Pandya, Prafulla Jha
2006 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics   unpublished
The mechanical, elastic and anharmonic properties of II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn 1-x Cr x Te (0≤x≤1) have been reported by using a phenomenological model based on the charge transfer effects due to the deformation of the electronic shell of overlapping ions. The obtained results on the elastic properties agree reasonably well with the available experimental data. The Debye temperature, third order elastic constants and the pressure derivatives of second order elastic constants have
more » ... tic constants have also been reported. The decrease in Debye temperature with the increase in Cr concentration suggests that the lattice gets soften with the increase of Cr concentration.