Bouncing Cosmologies with Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Yi-Fu Cai, Antonino Marcianò, Dong-Gang Wang, Edward Wilson-Ewing
2016 Universe  
We review matter bounce scenarios where the matter content is dark matter and dark energy. These cosmologies predict a nearly scale-invariant power spectrum with a slightly red tilt for scalar perturbations and a small tensor-to-scalar ratio. Importantly, these models predict a positive running of the scalar index, contrary to the predictions of the simplest inflationary and ekpyrotic models, and hence could potentially be falsified by future observations. We also review how bouncing
more » ... bouncing cosmological space-times can arise in theories where either the Einstein equations are modified or where matter fields that violate the null energy condition are included.
doi:10.3390/universe3010001 fatcat:fdlprqlghrcozb6y2flpql3m2y