Probabilistic Inventory Model Multi-Source Backlogged Probabilistic Inventory Model for Crisp and Fuzzy Environment

H. A. Ferganya, Osama Mahmoud Hollah
This paper proposed a multi-item multi-source probabilistic periodic review inventory model under a varying holding cost constraint with zero lead time when: (1) the stock level decreases at a uniform rate over the cycle. (2) some costs are varying. (3) the demand is a random variable that follows some continuous distributions as (two-parameter exponential, Kumerswamy, Gamma, Beta, Rayleigh, Erlang distributions). The objective function under a constraint is imposed here in crisp and fuzzy
more » ... risp and fuzzy environment. The objective is to find the optimal maximum inventory level for a given review time that minimize the expected annual total cost. Furthermore, a comparison between given distributions is made to find the optimal distribution that achieves the model under considerations. Finally, a numerical example is applied.
doi:10.24297/jam.v15i0.7364 fatcat:ntn5rb7pbjcvbor7dfmyi5yl2u