Clinical evaluation of reversed dermis graft for reconstruction of oral mucosa

M Ueda, T Kaneda, M Nagayama, T Oka
1986 Nagoya journal of medical science  
A new technique for reconstruction of oral mucosa, named reversed dermis graft (RDG), was introduced. In the RDG, dermis freed from the epidermis was transplanted upside down. The graft was then covered by the surrounding mucosal epithelium to form the mucosal tissue, while the implanted tissue inhibited the wound contracture somewhat. The various mucosal defects in 20 patients were repaired with the RDG. Clinical and histological evaluation were conducted to analyze the value of this method.
more » ... e of this method. 1) In 20 patients, all parts of the oral cavity were reconstructed with RDG except for the palatal mucosa. The maximum graft size was 9 X 5 cm and the minimum graft size was 2.5 X 1.5 cm. 2) All grafts were reepitheliarized with the surrounding mucosal epithelium within about 5 weeks. Hair growth, keratinization, and formation of dermal cyst were not seen in the reconstructed area. 3) The grafts contracted in all cases to about 55% of their original size.
pmid:3517653 fatcat:3fzq3vfytvgzdjxfue35yeixz4