A Study of Change in Rainfall Pattern in Anand (middle Gujarat) in the last 60 years (1958-2017)

Kapil Mandloi, G.J. Kamani, S.S. Chinchorkar
2019 Current World Environment  
The analysis of rainfall records for long period provides information about rainfall pattern and variability. The long term monthly rainfall data for the period 1958-2017 (60 years) was studied. And also rainfall studies are utmost utility for understanding nature and behavior of climate change. In this study, trends in rainfall, maximum rainfall intensity and rainy day for 1958-2017 were examined. Long term data analysed for 60 years annual data suggest that there is a significantly change in
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doi:10.12944/cwe.14.1.11 fatcat:3uyonvmbhra6tn45jmko4ekohq