Hasandağı ve Melendiz Dağı Çevresinde Topoğrafik Faktörlere Yayla ve Ağılların Dağılışı

Türkan (Bayer) ALTIN
2010 Co  
Distribution of "yayla", which is a temporary settlement throughout Turkey, and sheep-barns have been investigated according to topographic factors (elevation, slope and exposure) around Hasandağı Mt and Melendiz Mt between Aksaray and Niğde Provices. Yayla and sheep-barns defined by GPS have been put into digitized 1:25000 topographic maps and the correlation between these settlements and topographic factors has been assessed. The aim of this study is to determine how the topographic factors
more » ... pographic factors affect the distribution of yayla and sheep-barns. The study is important in terms of the determination of positive and negative effects of physical factors on economical activities and temporary settlements. Since topographic factors change over short distances, distribution of these settlements is not the same everywhere. 153 plateaus and 1055 sheep-barns are recorded in the study area. The water springs and bioclimatic factors affect the density of these settlements at certain elevations. While yayla are encountered on each slope, sheep-barns are observed to exist on slopes between 5°-10° due to a need for a smooth place to build sheep-barn. Yayla is observed in the west part of the study area where water springs occur most. As for sheep-barns, to utilize sunbathe time and protect from bad weather conditions, they are gathered in the south.
doi:10.1501/cogbil_0000000113 fatcat:fjstpyk47ndmxckvfwkblzqeyu