Survival of Acidovorax citrulli in infected melon tissues and in different edafoclimatic conditions

Aldenir Oliveira Alves, André da Silva Xavier, Claudeana Souza da Conceição, Rosa de Lima Ramos Mariano, Elineide Barbosa de Souza
2018 Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura  
The survival of Acidovorax citrulli Aac1Rif was accessed in infected melon tissues (fruits and leaves) incorporated to the soil at 0, 5, 10 and 15 cm depth, in seven different types of soil, at temperatures 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 ºC and moisture field capacity of 50 and 100% in the absence of the host plant. Aac1Rif was detected in melon tissues at 0, 5 and 10 cm until 21 days and at 15 cm until 14 days. The highest and lowest relative extinction rate of the population (RERP) for Aac1Rif
more » ... RP) for Aac1Rif occurred respectively in fruit tissues and leaf tissues at depths of 0 and 5 cm. Aac1Rif survived in seven types of soil only for three days. The lowest RERP occurred at 10 or 15 ºC and the highest at 30 or 35 ºC. Greater concentrations of Na+, silt, and greater populations of actinomycetes and Trichoderma were correlated with highest RERP of the Aac1Rif in the soil. There was significant difference between RERP at 100% and 50% of field capacity. The soil was not considered potential primary source of A. citrulli inoculum. Infected melon fruits and leaves in soil were considered as such sources, at least for 21 days.
doi:10.1590/0100-29452018005 fatcat:77tpolcqc5a5fetxfhho64hweu