Effect of Structural Parameters on Sound Absorption Property of Spunbond Nonwoven
스펀본드 부직포의 흡음성에 대한 구조적 요인 효과 연구

Sun Young Lee, Ji Eun Lee, Tae Woong Byun, Seung Goo Lee
2015 Textile Science and Engineering  
Nonwovens have been proposed as a sound absorber in applications of home interior textile industry for effective noise control. Honeycomb cell blind textiles have been increasingly used in window covering for noise reduction. In this study, the effect of structural parameters of honeycomb cell-structured spunbond nonwoven on the sound absorption property was investigated. Spunbond nonwovens with various thicknesses, areal densities, and porosities were used, and they were joined in the form of
more » ... ned in the form of a honeycomb cell structure with various cell widths and cell layering. The sound absorption property of the nonwoven improved with increasing thickness. The porosity of the nonwoven was shown to be proportional to the noise reduction coefficient (NRC). An increased air gap between two layers of the nonwoven shifted the maximum sound absorption coefficient toward a lower frequency range. The honeycomb cell structure was confirmed to contribute to an improvement of the sound absorption property. Layering of the honeycomb cell structure was also shown to be a critical factor in controlling the sound absorption property of the nonwoven.
doi:10.12772/tse.2015.52.396 fatcat:bramqmx4nzg2bgovttjkibrsla