A Model of Pixel and Superpixel Clustering for Object Detection

Vadim A. Nenashev, Igor G. Khanykov, Mikhail V. Kharinov
2022 Journal of Imaging  
The paper presents a model of structured objects in a grayscale or color image, described by means of optimal piecewise constant image approximations, which are characterized by the minimum possible approximation errors for a given number of pixel clusters, where the approximation error means the total squared error. An ambiguous image is described as a non-hierarchical structure but is represented as an ordered superposition of object hierarchies, each containing at least one optimal
more » ... ion in g0 = 1,2,..., etc., colors. For the selected hierarchy of pixel clusters, the objects-of-interest are detected as the pixel clusters of optimal approximations, or as their parts, or unions. The paper develops the known idea in cluster analysis of the joint application of Ward's and K-means methods. At the same time, it is proposed to modernize each of these methods and supplement them with a third method of splitting/merging pixel clusters. This is useful for cluster analysis of big data described by a convex dependence of the optimal approximation error on the cluster number and also for adjustable object detection in digital image processing, using the optimal hierarchical pixel clustering, which is treated as an alternative to the modern informally defined "semantic" segmentation.
doi:10.3390/jimaging8100274 fatcat:aj2wyj77ljewxlqc4uehe65jza