Sperm ubiquitination positively correlates to normal morphology in human semen

Monica Muratori, Sara Marchiani, Gianni Forti, Elisabetta Baldi
2005 Human Reproduction  
BACKGROUND: Global ubiquitination in human semen has been found to negatively correlate with standard semen parameters, indicating that ubiquitination can be considered a marker of poor semen quality. However, the inclusion of all semen components in the analysis may be misleading on the biological significance of ubiquitination of sperm cells. We have recently demonstrated the variable presence of bodies of different size, with the highest concentration in oligoasthenoteratozoospermia. The
more » ... ose of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between ubiquitination and standard semen parameters, after distinguishing between ubiquitinated sperm and bodies in each sample. METHODS: Ubiquitination was evaluated by flow cytometric sperm ubiquitin tag immunoassay (SUTI) in sperm samples from 45 subjects. Semen analysis was performed according to WHO (1999) guidelines. RESULTS: When only ubiquitinated sperm were considered, a positive correlation with number, motility and normal morphology was found. When correlation was evaluated considering the percentage of ubiquitinated bodies, a negative correlation was found with good semen quality. CONCLUSIONS: Results indicate that the negative correlations previously found between global semen ubiquitination and parameters of semen analysis are mainly driven by components other than sperm. The positive correlation between sperm ubiquitination and good quality parameters suggests a previously unrecognized role for sperm ubiquitination.
doi:10.1093/humrep/deh678 pmid:15705629 fatcat:rooh6dzr3fe45hcpmkq4xd7oju