CLASSIFICATION AND EXTRACTION OF THE TYPICAL TYPE OF THE WELFARE CENTER FOR THE ELDERLY : A study on architectural planning of the welfare center for the elderly Part 1
老人福祉センターの類型化と代表的タイプの抽出 : 老人福祉センターの施設整備に関する計画学的研究(その1)

2004 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
The purpose of this paper i8 to extract of the typical type of the welf 加 e center 最 〕r the elderl } c First , we classified 146 centers from 丘ve viewpoints . They are the u8er ・ range , the complex 飴 c 丑ities , the activity leader , the population and the lei8ure env 廿onment , Then , we clarified the characteristics of institutions ibr . every viewpoint . As a result , we ibund out that there were the great different charact £ ristics accord 重 ng to what activity leader is . 1. ast , we
more » ... ed five typical types of the center based on the pop μ lation scale , the degree ofaging and the activity leadeL
doi:10.3130/aija.69.31_4 fatcat:xsmpmpiwizhntp7re2zex5yenq