The Functional Analyze of the System for the Human Resource Management and Leadership Roles in the Albanian University Auditorium

Alba Dumi, Evisa Celo, Rezart Golemi
2013 Journal of Educational and Social Research  
This paper aims to succeed in mutual relationship of pedagogues as leadership and students. Speaking about the teacher as a pedagogical figure is such delicate and vast issue. Further more it brings into everybody's mind the first-teacher at elementary or someone else who is really different from the traditional teacher. The reason why I am focusing my article on the teacher (pedagogues) in University auditorium and their appraisals in relationship with the student is that, I frankly think that
more » ... frankly think that the traditional process of the teaching methods should change, during time, space and people themselves. Obviously radicalchanges need time and the causes are evident. Having a suggestive and psychological opinion on some of the problem during lessons and the relationship with the students is evident. Surely I don't pretend to give a solution to the problems risen up, but to be focused on such important point that should change. According to such ideas and my personal belief and experience I have followed an expression of Robert Ratherford, in the process of teaching "If the child (student) is not learning the way you are teaching,then you must teach in the way the child (student) learns!" In this article we intend to emphasize the role of leadership(teacher) based on our experience and the re-dimensioning of the world's knowledge in order to show the necessity of creating new models, aimed at preparing young specialist able to meet real world challenges.
doi:10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n7p31 fatcat:jeues3qelffbfbe54w56yritzu