Prosthetic rehabilitation of the sequelae of labio-maxillo-palatal clefts: end of the growth period and evolution

Aude Bichet, Christian Molé, Olivier Weissenbach, Étienne Simon
2012 Journal of Dentofacial Anomalies and Orthodontics  
With an average frequency of 1/800 births in France, labio-maxillo-palatal clefts (LMPC) are among the most frequent congenital malformations. They raise functional, esthetic, psychological and socio-familial problems that must be managed with an interdisciplinary approach. Within the medical team, the dentist must, by way of prosthetic restorations, compensate for certain sequelae and deficiencies. According to the severity of the case and the success of the treatments, the typical restoration
more » ... typical restoration can be limited to replacing the missing lateral incisor, or the restoration may require undertaking comprehensive treatments involving a much more specialized arsenal of surgical and prosthetic procedures. KEY WORDS Labio-maxillo-palatal cleft Interdisciplinary medical team Prosthetic rehabilitation Implants and clefts Periodontal reconstructive surgery Sequelae
doi:10.1051/odfen/2012305 fatcat:e7lhjuhxznebno44mcqc72fuaa