Mixed mode fracture testing of adhesively bonded wood specimens using a dual actuator load frame

Hitendra K. Singh, Abhijit Chakraborty, Charles E. Frazier, David A. Dillard
2010 Holzforschung  
An experimental evaluation of mixed mode fracture tests conducted on adhesively bonded wood specimens using a dual actuator load frame is presented. This unit allows the fracture mode mixity to be easily varied during testing of a given specimen, providing improved consistency, accuracy, and ease of testing over a range of loading modes. Double cantilever beam (DCB) type specimens made of southern yellow pine (Pinus spp.) wood substrates bonded with a commercially available one part
more » ... adhesive were tested over a wide range of mode mixities from pure mode I to pure mode II. The critical strain energy release rate (SERR) values were calculated from the measured load, displacement, and crack length data, in combination with material properties and specimen geometric parameters, and compared on a versus fracture envelope plot. Mean quasi-static fracture energy values were calculated to be 390 J m -2 and 420 J m -2 for mode I and mode II fracture, respectively. For various mixed mode phase angles, the critical SERR values were partitioned into mode I and mode II components. In mixed mode loading conditions the cracks were typically driven along the interface, which resulted in lower total fracture energy values when compared with those measured under pure mode I loading conditions. A drop in measured fracture energy of approximately 45% was observed with mode mixity phase angles as small as 168, implying that engineering designs based on results from the popular mode I DCB test could be nonconservative in some situations. Fracture surfaces obtained at different mode mixities are also discussed. An improved understanding of fracture behavior of adhesively bonded wood joints under mixed mode loading through generation of fracture envelopes could lead to improved designs of bonded wood structures.
doi:10.1515/hf.2010.041 fatcat:6vdh2nezzfhltcj3kyr6tvib6y