A Method for Laser Measurement of Disperse Composition and Concentration of Aerosol Particles

Olga B. Kudryashova, Igor R. Akhmadeev, Anatoly A. Pavlenko, Vladimir A. Arkhipov, Sergey S. Bondarchuk
2010 Key Engineering Materials  
A modified method of small-angle scattering that consists in solving a series of direct problems in aerosol optics is proposed to obtain a function of particle size distibution; a modified method of spectral transperancy is employed to determine the concentration of particles in a cloud. A measurement system comprising radiator (helium-neon laser), photodetector and recording instruments has been developed. Measurements in aerosol clouds are performed.
doi:10.4028/www.scientific.net/kem.437.179 fatcat:wkf7tmibtjf37haz6uhvhjxdfm