Iran's Geopolitical Opportunities under USA Sanctions
Геополитические возможности Ирана в условиях санкций со стороны США

Ekaterina Evgenyevna Nechay, Pavel Sergeevich Ovchinnikov
2020 Общество политика экономика право  
The authors discuss the possibilities of economic and international relationships of the Islamic Repub-lic of Iran (IRI) in the context of sanctions and other restrictive measures by the United States. The au-thors rely on the theoretical concept of "soft power" by Joseph Nye. Special attention is payed to finding out the potential geopolitical steps for Iran to over-come the economic crisis and international isola-tion. Among the factors considered, the economic and resource indicators of the
more » ... indicators of the IRI, possible inter-state trade projects, and other important indicators are analyzed. The peculiarities of interaction between Iran and China are separately revealed. Having considered the current state of affairs in the Middle East region and the directions of Iran's cooperation, the authors predicted several acceptable options for the development of Ira: n"hard", "commercial", and "cultural".
doi:10.24158/pep.2020.10.4 fatcat:keqgf2j64zbubbifrg23oge7gu