Genetic structure of three Native Mexican communities based on mtDNA haplogroups, and ABO and Rh blood group systems

Adriana Sánchez-Boiso, Rosenda I Peñaloza-Espinosa, Eduardo Castro-Sierra, Ricardo M Cerda-Flores, Leonora Buentello-Malo, Rocío Sánchez-Urbina, Rosa I Ortiz-de-luna, Benjamín A Rodríguez-Espino, Fabio A Salamanca-Gómez, Martha P Flores-Ayón, Teresita Salamanca-Vargas, Jesús Aguirre-Hernández (+3 others)
Revista de investigación clínica  
The goals of this population genetics study were to describe mtDNA haplogroups and ABO and Rh blood group systems of 3 Native Mexican populations, to determine their genetic variability, and to compare their haplogroups with those of 13 Native Mexican populations previously reported. The three communities under analysis were a Tepehua-speaking community from Huehuetla (Hidalgo state), an Otomi-speaking community from San Antonio el Grande (Hidalgo state), and a Zapotec-speaking community from
more » ... ng community from Juchitán (Oaxaca state). Every subject studied in each community had four grandparents who were born in the same community and spoke the same language. The four Amerindian mtDNA haplogroups (A, B, C and D) were studied by restriction analysis and gel electrophoresis. Regarding the blood groups, the O group was the most frequent in the three populations (97.2, 94.7, and 86.2%, respectively), as well as the Rh+ group (100, 100, 84%). The three populations analyzed were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. In respect to the mtDNA haplogroups, A, B, C and D, their percentage was 33.3, 36.1, 13.9 and 5.6 % in Huehuetla; 39.5, 13.2, 39.5 and 2.6 % in San Antonio el Grande, and 55.3, 21.0, 7.9 and 5.2 % in Juchitán. Between 5 and 11% of the haplogroups were of non-Amerindian origin, probably due to admixture with Caucasian and African populations, as has been reported in the past. No statistically-significant differences were found among the three populations studied or between them and 13 previously reported Native Mexican populations.
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